Saturday, November 20, 2010

Black Man Hair Style

Black men's hair styles may at first seem bland and unimaginative, but there are actually many style variations available for personal expression and individuality that take into account the specific needs of African-American men.African-American hair is naturally very curly and the curls have the strength to last through many different styles. While this may be desirable for women's styles, many men prefer short, discreet styles and tight curls may be a problem. Some men, on the other hand, embrace the natural vitality of their hair and proudly sport ethnic black styles that suit their personalities.

The best hair style is one that is suitable for the individual's face shape and hair care preferences. For example, a long, round afro may not be the ideal choice for an individual with a round face, because it will only accentuate that shape. At the same time, someone with a very narrow face may seem disproportionate if they choose a large afro. Furthermore, afros and cornrows require rigorous care to keep looking their best, while shaved styles, shaved heads, and buzz cuts need frequent trims to be stylish.
Natural Afro Longer Natural Afro

Styles can be adapted to different men's preferences, however. A smaller afro could have tapered sides to better suit particular face shapes, and a buzz cut could have a longer top to help elongate a face and reduce the frequency of trims.

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